I’ve been thinking of warmer climates. Double breasted, double jacketed, the former Arizonian longs for the winter desert climates. Deice trucks and their pre-departure blessing send us through the obscured skies deep into the firmament where divinely placed cloud layers permit the views of those formerly traveled lands. Writing now about wandering earlier, my soul quickly assembles a temporary theatre, where sliced negatives are spliced together with minor embellishments filling any lost frames. The storyboards may appear to be of less importance. They, however, tell the true tales of transformation, and these nuanced nickelodeons help steer the ship rightfully back on course. The moments we make, the stories we share, the tales we’ve told, they’re instrumental in helping us along this journey; a journey who’s pages were once filled with borrowed memories and stolen dreams.

Bridging our ladders across these chasms we once inhabited we see how time has a new meaning, a new purpose, and its hindrances in the past slowly turn into endless opportunities. Remembering the adventures of earlier, the desire to embark on a new quest intensifies. The mind painting a picture of what one could expect, the heart trying not to spoil the surprise the eyes cannot wait to see.

The opportunities to takeoff arise, yet the springtime weather conditions hinder executing these thoughtfully curated plans. The continued postponement sends you back into those theaters for an encore of these once-featured films. Scrolling through the images of adventures of the past pulls at your patience and your heart strings, while the springtime weather you’ve longed for comes with the winds that generate small craft advisories for the backcountry. Breaks in the changing climate are welcome signs for that insatiable thirst for adventure. The foundations begin to form to house those memories that inspire words such as these to be written. Til that moment comes, our time will be spent living in those theaters of the past, making note of those lessons learned, hoping this next time you remember to bring a spoon.

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