Often times I find myself saying I’m a father of five children and it’s certainly easier to explain that than the six I’ve brought into this world. When the observant notice the alphabetical nature of the names of our kids, they’ll sometimes ask “Where’s the N?” Well, Nora Catherine’s enjoying an eternity of love and joy that will one day swallow us all up.

Parents are supposed to live a life of complete exhaustion spending all their energy empowering their youth to be better than they themselves could imagine. The anecdotal accounts of their own upbringing, the tall tales of working hard…the parents are supposed to play the part of the teacher in these life-altering classrooms. Yet here I am, having spent a limited time with the one who’s mission was beyond this world, learning more about life and love in a manner that words cannot convey.

We started that morning as a family of seven, and retired that evening with an abundance of warmth and love that softened the blow that heavy tears brought to our tired eyes. Many times I find myself questioning if I’m doing all that a father should, and you’re the first to remind me that love conquers all. While I yearn for the time we can enjoy each other’s embrace, I feel your love today and always. For behold that all little children are alive in Christ.

I love you Nora. xoxo – Daddy